About Lexie Rose

Currently gearing up to release her debut EP, Lexie Rose is an Americana pop singer songwriter who, since her debut club performance at age 13, has backed her bold confidence and ambition with a charismatic stage presence and commitment to crafting compelling tunes reflective of her life’s journey at any given time. Since releasing her singles "Wrong" and "20 Weeks" from her upcoming EP, she has received recognition from the HuffPost along with numerous other blogs.

While Lexie’s infectious melodies and insightful lyrics always create a clear story for her longtime fans and new listeners to grab hold of, the fresh, metaphor rich approach she takes lends itself to allowing those hearing her songs to interpret them in different ways. “Listeners can find what they want in them,” she says.  “Like a lot of young songwriters, I’ve been on an extended circuit these past few years co-writing with many others,” Lexie says. “The songs I want to sing are those I write about myself, reflecting my own life experiences and worldview. I always want my work to be personal yet universal, and relatable to anyone.”

Eager to get out and perform her own material, Lexie took the initiative book her first solo gig at 13. She soon became popular on the L.A. club circuit, regularly playing popular spots, including Hotel Café, The Echo, The Hi Hat and the legendary Troubadour. While maintaining her life as a high school student, Lexie complements her own headline gigs as keyboardist and acoustic guitarist in Night Talks, her brother’s alt rock band that just released its debut album, In Dreams.

“I love the time I spend songwriting,” Lexie says, “but there’s nothing more enjoyable for me than playing live and feeding off the audience’s energy in those moments when they truly connect with my songs. It’s also a mind blowing experience to be in the studio and be part of the process as a song that started in a raw, simple form comes to life as a full blown production. After writing and recording material for so long, I’m really excited about finally having the opportunity to officially release my music and share it with a wider audience than ever before.”